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Egnio played Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut

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Egnio said...
  • frustrated
So, I was messing with my brother's discs (with his permission, of course), and I found our copy of Sonic Adventure DX, which didn't work on the computer we had when we got it. So, I installed it here, and voila. It worked.

Now, I made a new save, and started playing. I watched a little of the cutscenes until I realized I didn't like them, so I started skipping them until I started playing... against Chaos... what a way to start a game, with a boss battle and no tutorials when you don't know what button does what. However, I gave him a beating, and then came the REAL level one. Probably it would be better with a controller, because with this laptop the control was terrible. Movements were so stiff because I can only move in 8 directions, instead of as many an analog stick allows. Well, that aside, I think I couldn't even get half of the rings of the first level. I know I'm supposed to be fast, and this game made it. It was like playing Sonic Heroes again, but with only Sonic, and that was a relief for a while.

Somewhere, I came to a weird scene: A frikkin whale destroying the path I was going on around. I know it looks cool and all, but was it really necessary? What the hell was the whale thinking? I couldn't even control Sonic, so I saw it a bit unnecessary.

Second level was more of the same, but somehow I clipped twice through the floor and met my demise, so I started to get somewhat pissed off.

And then, boss battle against Eggman, after a tedious quest of finding Tails. I was going along just fine, but the weird movements I was doing made me lost all my rings when I was about to finish him off ;-;

And then, I got lost and didn't know what place to go next, so I just put the game away. Doubt I'll be playing it in the near future again.
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